Prominend Muesli

Avoids feed refusal after weaning

Prominend Muesli is an excellent quality dry feed based on high-grade ingredients which meet the nutritional requirements of the newly weaned calf. Some Promined milk is added to the muesli to ensure the same smell and taste perception as Prominend Elite or Activator, which encourages calves to eat. In addition, the high protein quality is largely responsible for promoting digestibility and provides the calves with the enriched nutrition they need, resulting in vital calves with high growth performance. The muesli is fed ad libitum in addition to the milk and after the milk period. The muesli needs to be fed for at least four weeks before switching to another supplementary feed.

Prominend Muesli features
  • Same smell/tast as Prominend liquid milk
  • Extruded cereals for best digestion
  • Complete product includes high quality fibres
Prominend Muesli benefits
  • Reduces weaning dip
  • Smooth transition to solid feed
  • Maximum growth performance

Prominend Concentrate

Steady continuation to boost growth

Prominend Concentrate is a good quality dry feed to continue the Prominend programme due to the same taste as the Prominend liquid products which encourages calves to eat. Prominend Concentrate can be given pre-weaning to guarantee a steady post-weaning feed intake continuation for an efficient growth performance. The concentrate can be given complementary to the home ground roughage

Prominend Concentrate features
  • Similar taste as Prominend liquid milk
  • Flacked cereals for good digestion
  • Complementary to home ground roughage
Prominend Concentrate benefits
  • Encourages feed intake
  • High energy intake
  • Efficient growth performance

Feed advice

Every farmer has different needs, yet they all share the same goal of increasing output whilst maintaining healthy calves. To guarantee excellent feed intake during the complete rearing period, all Prominend products, whether liquid (Activator and Elite) or dry (Muesli and Concentrate), have the same smell and taste perception to encourage all calves to keep eating gradually, even when the milk period is finished.